Hagay Motorcycles
Driving School

רישיון נהיגה על קטנוע

About the School

Hagay motorcycles – the largest school in Israel to teach driving on all types of motorcycles and scooters. The school was founded several decades ago, and it has vast knowledge in teaching methods for drivers in all ages. Our teachers have extensive experience in teaching several thousand students safe driving on the roads of Israel.

Among the students in the school: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Israel Police, French Embassy, Swiss Embassy, as well as many immigrants from abroad. They get individual attention in English, too.

Our Main Principles

  • Our teaching staff – Hagay, the school director, has developed an exclusive method of acquiring skills of driving a motorcycle. The teaching staff has a lot of experience in teaching driving a motorcycle. They teach with great patience and professionalism, while creating a good and encouraging atmosphere to the students.
  • Excellence in service – our students' needs are our first priority – which creates a high level of service, attention to the disciples and training, starting from the first moment the student reaches our school, until obtaining a driving license for a motorcycle.
  • Accelerated Learning – we offer an opportunity to achieve a driving license on a motorcycle as soon as possible!
  • Individual approach – individual support from the moment of enrolling, until obtaining the license. the school secretary is in direct control over the progress of each student.
  • Acquisition of driving skills in real time – in the process of learning, our students leaves the school area on the motorcycle, and ride the open roads – including the Ayalon freeway. That way, the student can acquire all the necessary knowledge and experience to be a skilled and careful driver.
  • Space – the learning environment is large and has a spacious ground for training. The training area also extends around the green park, contributing to the creation of pastoral learning atmosphere.
  • Test – Tests are conducted daily, even on a Friday. No need to wait.
  • Counseling and guidance – our students can get individual advice on the right license type for them. We also provide help and advice when buying a motorcycle, after acquiring the license.

Our Branches

Ganey Ha'Taaruha Branch: 077-729 86 58

Ayalon mall Branch: 03-570 72 72

Azrieli Branch: 03-52 777 60

Tel-Aviv University Branch: 03 744 80 80

Dizengoff Center Branch: 03-52 777 60

Ramat Gan – Givatayim – Bnei Brak Branch: 03-570 72 72


Sunday-Thursday: 06:00 – 18:00, Friday: 06:00 – 13:00

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